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Taekwondo: 101

Known as the Korean art of Self-Defense – Tae stands for “hit or break with the foot,” Kwon stands for “hit or break with the hand,” and Do signifies “the way.” The way, in this case, referring to how Taekwondo benefits individuals and society in general, more than the technical aspect of practicing the art. Traditional ITF Taekwondo is a stand-up style martial art, which employs foot (high and spinning techniques) and hand blocks and attacks. It is practiced by more than 40 million practitioners world-wide.

About The Founder

On April 11th, 1955, Korean General, Choi Hong Hi, presented the name Taekwondo at a meeting of Korean martial arts instructors. From that day until his death on June 15, 2002, General Choi worked tirelessly, spreading the art throughout the world by giving seminars and writing countless books on the subject.